26 July, 2014

for sale following general cargo vessel: MV Forester

for sale following  general cargo vessel:

MV Forester
cki flag - ex wilson holm
4.902 mtdw on 6,30m
blt 1/1990 peters peters
nk nn ss due 30/01/2018 dd due 30/01/2016
loa 88,20 lbp 84,93 beam 13,60 depth 7,70 m
1/1 ho/ha 5.665/5.665 cbm gr/bl 173 teu
1 mak 8m332ak 1.767 bhp 750
10k/4.6t ldn(a) mgo
1.272 ldt

Owners are very serious sellers.

She passed ss under NK class on 01th March 2013 and her DD due 02
2016/SS due Jan 2018.

All engines were overhauled during ss and  they spent USD 350k.

DWT was increased upto 4902.
Blvd to be in tip top condition.

Presently Trading med where ppt inspectable and dely (dets wog)