23 June, 2015

Ocean Honey

 for sale below handy bulker (stanchion removed):

Inspetable in China

MV Ocean Honey ex Hanjin Tampa  bulk carrier
About 27,374.70 mdwt on 9.92 m ssw draft
Built 1995 Hanjin Hvy Ind., Korea - Flag Hong Kong
Class NK SS/DD just passed 03/15
GT/NT 16,405 / 9,651
LOA/beam/depth 167 m / 26.2 m 13.8 m
Grain/bale 35,155.4/34,100.7cbm
5 holds /5 hatches
Hatch Size : No.1) 13.6x13.4m, No.2-5)17.6x13.4m
Hatch covers: Mcgregor folding type
AHL fitted
About 110 mts stanchions have been removed.
Crane: 4 sets / SWL hook mode 20 mt (SWL grab mode 16 mt)
Cranes maker : Hagglunds
Main engine Man B&W 5L50MC Mark V
7,450 ps at 122 rpm (mcr)
6,705 ps at 117.8 rpm (ncr)
Aux. engine 3 sets 600ps
LDT : Orignally 6182 mt (but with about 110mt stanchions removed)

(Details WOG)

Best offers invited (ss/dd just passed), As brokers can gudie

Loaded at Caribs with bulk sugar, for disch Zhanjiang where ETA 10
July where will stay about 1 week, where inspection is invited

SS/DD FRESHLY  PASSED in Qingdao Beihai Dockyard MAR 2015