24 September, 2015

MV Shun Cheng

MV Shun Cheng is arrested by court in recent, are put for sale through auction, dated 10-12-2015.

Auction date: 10-12-2015 10:00

Registration deadline: 10-10-2015

Type: General Cargo/MPP
IMO No. 9152806
DWT: 10094dwt draft 8.18m
Blt: 5/1998 Husumer Schiffswerft A.G. (Germany)
LOA: 127.90M/Beam:18.60M/Depth:10.90M
GT/NT: 6568/3420
Class: CCS, oceangoing
SS Due: 2018-5-27
Cargo Holds: 3
Capacity: 12144.53m³
Hold No.1*(G1538.52);*(B1538.52);
Hold No.2*(G4386.59);*(B4386.59);
Hold No.3*(G6219.42);*(B6219.42);
M/E: Mak Motoren GmbH & Co KG, MAK 8M552C* 1
Boiler: Wiesloch BV
G/E: DSG 52L2-4*2*375.00*450; DSG 74M1-4*1*900.00*450

Vessel is laid up in Nanjing.

Before the vessel is laid up, it was mainly operated in Korean- Japan- China route.

Deposit: CNY 1,000,000. (157,500USD)

The bidding price estimates to be USD 1.6mill, wog