05 January, 2016

2xsingledecker box hold general cargo ships

 for sale foll 2xsingledecker box hold general cargo

MV Dong Sung (2008blt) & her sister MV Qing He (2006blt), both can be
developed for sale.

MV Qing He, GC
6760 dwt
Built Oct. 2006, He Shun Shipyard, Qingdao, China
Class CCS  Ice Class B
Flag HK
SS: 10/2016; DD: 9/2016
Loa/Lbp/Beam/Depth 103.7/97.5/17.2/8.5m
GRT/NRT  4422/2600t
2H/2H Capacity  9,164.64 cbm
Hatch size No.1  30.80x13.00m, No.2  30.80x13.00m
Main Engine: : G8300ZC18BH by Wuxi Antai Power Machinery Co..
4-stroke,single-action,2000kw at 550r/min
Aux: 3 Diesel generators type WD618.42CD with generator MP-H-200-4
200KW 400V 60HZ
M/E fuel consumption:    7.52t/d
Aux. consumption:    0.79t/d
Crane 15Tx2, 25Tx1
CO2 fitted


Latest itin:

MV Qing He, enroute to Guangzhou, China. Will stay there for some
time. Inspection invited.
MV Dong Sung, now anchorage in Zhoushan, where inspection can be