30 May, 2016

newclassed, boxed and craned MPP tweendecker/heavylifter with Iceclass 1A

for sale the flw almost newclassed, boxed and craned MPP
tweendecker/heavylifter with Iceclass 1A:

(ex Princess Mary, ex Finex Trader)
Craned MPP, doubleskinned, boxed tweendecker
Built 8/2000 at Peterswerft, Wewelsfleth, West Germany
6,265 DWAT/6.043 DWAT on 7.28 m draft without/with
  tweendeck on board resp
G.L./DNV Class +100 A5 E3 (Ice 1A), str. for heavy cargo
Special Survey h&m passed 09/2015
4,251 GT/2,189 NT
1 boxed hold: 58,10 x 14,00 x 9,00 m
1 hatch: 58,10 x 14,00 m, Macor hydr. folding covers upper,
  flush steel tween, can be used a grain bulkheads (5 pos)
361 TEUs or 154 FEUs plus 52 TEUs
230/220/211/205/200 TEUs of 14/16/18/20/22 ts homog.
Able to load 3 tiers high cubes in hold
50 reefer plugs on deck, 400 V, 50 Hz
1 boxed hold, 256,627 cbft gr/bl without tweendeck,
  233,881 cbft grain/bale with tweendeck on board resp
2 x 80 ts cranes, ps mounted, comb. to 160 ts with traverse bar
  on board
Dimensions: 99.92/92.44 x 17.00 x 9.25 m - Airdraft: 29 m
MaK main engine, type 8M32, 3,840 kW
Main aux, 650 kVA, shafgen 650 kVA, emerg. aux 245 kVA
Bowthruster, 300 kW
Abt 14 knots on abt 16 ts RME180 without shaftgen working
  or abt 13 kn on 13 ts, or 11.5 kn on 11.5 ts
IMO fitted, Australian waters fitted, cargo computer incl.
  loading simulation, Lakes fitted, Suez and Panama fitted.

All details believed to be correct, but without guarantee

Price: Owners are serious sellers

Trading South East Asia and can give t/c free delivery Singapore
end June/beg July 2016 by arrangement.

The vsl is reported to be very well maintained indeed.