20 May, 2016

Nomadic Bergen

for sale below small bulker

MV **Nomadic Bergen** Open hatch/boxy bulker
DWT 8050 Summer Draft  7.1m
Built in China by Jiangsu Yangzijiang Ship Building Co. Ltd Delivery
in  May 2009
Class:  GL last ss May 2014
Loa 108.20 m Beam  18.20 m
Gt  5629/Nt  2877
Number holds:  3
Dims holds (l x b x h):
Hold 1: 18.8m x 15m ( height 11m)- hold starts to gradually narrow
about  2,2 meters from the aft bulkhead .. to width of about 6.4m at
the forepeak bulkhead.
Hold 2: 29,0 x 15m x 9 m ( l/b/h) ... no narrowing.
Hold 3: 28,0 m x 15m ( height 9m) - hold starts to narrow 17.0m from
forward bulkhead...to a width of about 7.6m at the aft bulkhead.
Number hatches:  3
Ha 1: 17.5 m x 15.2 m
Ha 2: 25.9 m x 15.2 m
Ha 3: 25.9 m x 15.2 m
Grain cubic breakdown:
Ho 1  95,844 cbft
Ho 2  137,837 cbft
Ho 3  130,984 cbft
Total about 364,665 cbft grain
Speed and consumption:
Service speed about 11 KNOTS ON about 12MT IFO 380 CST  no diesel at
sea, vessel using shaft generator about  1 MT G-OIL in port idle -
about 1.5 MT G-OIL when maneuvering/in port working Cranes 2 x 25 mt
swl starboard side mounted Engine Main Engine MAK 6m32C - OUTPUT 2999
2  x Aux  Lindenberg D 2876 LE 301 Output 365 Kw  Voltage 440V
Frequency  60 Hz Emergency generator Lindenberg D2866
Bow Thruster  280 Kw
Hydraulic folding type hatch covers
Steel tank top strength 15 mt/sqm
Co2/smoke detector fitted
Mechanical ventilation system - 6 changes per hour

Owners inviting offers - can be inspected and taken over on short

Updated itinerary:
Headed for DROGHEDS in Ireland where open 31 May