19 December, 2017


for sale the below log fitted bulker blt Japan

ORIENT SUNRISE (log fitted)

ABT 28,514 DWT ON 9.767M Draft
BLT: 5/2001 Kanda Kawajiri, JPN
Class: NK - SS 2021-05-30
Loa: 170M / Beam: 27M
5 HO / 5 HA
ABT 37,732 CBM Grain / 36,683 CBM Bale
M/E Type: 1 x Mitsubishi 5UEC52LA 8,000 BHP @ 133 RPM


Zhangjiagang, China ETA around 10Jan2018 (disc logs for 3-4days) iagw,
inspectable date to be declared at end Dec / early Jan


Charter free delivery tentatively scheduled Feb/Apr2018 to be narrowed
down afterwards

(All details given in good faith but without guarantee)

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