08 February, 2013

MV "Ming Chun" FOR SALE

owners invite purchase interest in the following container vessel for
further trading only:

MV "Ming Chun"
746 TEU Nominal with container stowage in hold/on deck 330/416TEU
Last SS Oct 2010
15,099 DWT ON 8.72M
14T HOMO - 592TEU
70 Reefer Plugs Fitted
Bow Thruster Fitted
Designed Speed about 16knots on 20T(FO) + 1.5T(DO)

----- all details are given in good faith but without guarantee

-Inspection : Vsl is running Taiwan-HongKong trade and open for
inspection from 2013/1/21 to 2013/ 2/10
-Delivery :Taiwan - Hong Kong range in Seller's option
-Delivery Time: 2013/4/29 - 2013/6/30 in Seller's option

After inspections, Sellers will invite best offers from 0001hrs 18th
Feb 2013 to 2359hrs 22nd Feb 2013(TPE time)
The offer shall be based on the following terms,

a.The tender price by buyer shall be net amount to be paid to the
Seller, i.e. any brokerage shall be the Buyer's account. The tender
price offer by buyer shall valid till end of Mar 2013.


The buyer shall deposit 20% of the final purchase price within 3
banking days from the date of signing a fax copy of Memorandum of
Agreement by both the Seller and the Buyer.


-Place : Taiwan - Hong Kong range in Seller's option -Time
: 2013/4/29 - 2013/6/30 in Seller's option
-Condition: The Vessel shall be delivered in substantially same
condition as when inspected by the Buyer, any fair wear and tear are
excepted, but burden of proof in difference(s), if any, shall be
always provided by the Buyer. Otherwise her physical condition at the
time of delivery shall be strictly "as she is" basis.The Vessel's
Class and trading certificates which now are on board the Vessel shall
be "as they are" at the time of delivery. At the time of delivery the
Vessel's hold condition shall be "as they are" without cleaning.

d. Name/Markings

Upon delivery the Buyers undertake to change the name of the Vessel
and alter funnel markings.

e.Notice of Readiness and Liquidated damages

- The Sellers shall give the Buyers 14/7/3 days approximate notice of
probable port and expected date of the vessel's readiness for

- The Buyers shall take delivery of the vessel within 3 banking days
after the Sellers have tendered to the Buyers a "Notice of Readiness
for Delivery" in accordance with the terms and conditions of MOA, the
date of tendering such NOR inclusive.

- In the event of the Buyer doesn't take delivery of the Vessel within
the period specified above, the Buyer will pay the Seller the sum of
US$10,000/day as liquidated damages, but such detention shall not
exceed 5 days, over 5 days will be treated as Buyer's failure to
fulfill the Agreement. In this case the full deposit shall be
forfeited by the Seller.


- One week prior delivery, 2 representatives from Buyer are allowed to
stay onboard/sailing with vessel. Meal charges shall be