17 March, 2013


for sale below coasters:

MS ‘’LOMUR’’ - 2.155 DW on 3,78m draft


Type: Boxshaped - Geared Gen. cargo

Built Nordsovaerftet A.S. Ringkobing, Denmark 1983.

NIS flag/Registry: Larvik, Norway.

Dimension:, 72,45 x 11,20 x 6.7m

Classed BV I 3/3 Deep Sea, Ice III - Special Survey passed April, 2012

2837 m3cap

1 ho/ha 40.60 x 7.60 hydr covers - TWHA 40.62 x 9.14

2 cranes 5-15tons

MaK MU452AK 1200bhp

Speed 9/10 kn on 3.8/4.3 t/day loaded

Aux.gens 2x 105, 1x 50 kW



Ms ''SVANUR'' Blt, Denmark 1983. Special Survey due August, 2013

Both vessel look good in outside appearance and are well painted. Ballast tanks (fore- and aft peaks, deep tanks, side tanks & dbl. btw. are regularily opened, cleaned and touched up on coating (Magnacote). Holds are boxed shaped and tank tops have been renewed in their entirety with thicker than original plating. Hatches and coamings are in good shape and bridge instrumentation has been renewed and updated. All machinery in good condition and well maintained.

Both vessels have NIS flag and trading North Europe/Iceland and can be fairly pptly insp/del.

Owners inviting best offers.