17 May, 2014

MV Rui Jin

for sale the following 2 log fitted vsls:
MV Rui Jin - Flag: China
Dwt/Draft: 8036 T/7.25 M
Built: 1991.12
Shipyard: NISHI, Japan
Class: CCS
Loa: 109.58 m
Breath: 18.3 m
Depth: 9.35 m
SS: 2016-12-20    IS:  2014-12-20    
abt 2499 LDT        
MV Gan Shun - Flag: China
Dwt/Draft: 6859.71 T/6.72 M
Built: 1991.4
Shipyard: Dae Sun, Korea
Class: CCS
Loa: 110.15 m
Breath: 16.4 m
Depth: 8.55 m
M/E: B&W 6L35MCE
SS: 2015-4-28      
abt 2230 LDT        
= Itinerary =
- Mv. Rui Jin
Vsl is en route to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where eta 19th May.
- Mv. Gan Shun
Vsl is loading logs in Papua New Guinea. Thereafter she will return to
Zhangjiagang or Jingjiang, China.
All details given in good faith but without guarantee.
Plsd to hear interest if any.