31 December, 2014


  Abt. 8,700dwt Single Decker with log fitted for sale

can secure for sale the following single decker
with log-fitted in 8,700dwt  built in 2006 by a Vietnam shipyard
( Benkien Shipyard)

General Cargo/Single Decker/Lumber Carrie

Abt. 8,700 dwt on summer draft 7.615m

Built in June, 2006 by Benkien Shipyard, Vietnam

Flag Hong Kong

Class NK NS*( Equipped for Carriage of Lumber) MNS*- Oceangoing.

Loa 111,688m x LBP 103.60m x Bm 18.60m x Dm 9.65m

G.T. 5,702tons  N.T. 5,702 Tons

Cargo Hold Capacity  10,944m3 (Grain) 10,347 m3 ( Bale)

2 holds/2 hatches

Main Engine AKASAKA  MCO 3,120kw x 210 rpm x One set

Service Speed - Abt. 12.5 knots on draft 7.5m at normal output

15%  Sea Margin.

Endurance Abt. 12,000 Nautical miles

Deck Cranes    Twin 60t x one set, Single 30.7t x one set

Derrick Crane  30t x one set

Cargo Hold Hatch (No.1) 27.35 x 10.40m and, ( No.2) 28.00 x 10.40m

Hatch covers - pontoon type

Collapse type log stanchions fitted.

(all data are given in good faith but without guarantee)

= Delivery=

January or February, 2015  in area of Singapore- Japan
in Owners’ option.

= Superficial Inspection =

The Inspection shall be made by arrangement.

= Price idea =

Sellers inviting prospective buyers’ best outright offers in line with
the current market price level.

Although the shipbuilder was a Vietnam shipyards, we would like to
emphasize that, in case of this Vessel’ newbuilding, Owners made very
special arrangements during building the Vessel, as follows:

-      The Vessel’s drawings incl. piece-drawings were

        originally designed by a Japanese designing company

        under a strict the Japanese shipyard’s supervisions.

-      Most of the Vessel’s machineries were made of Japan.

-      During building this Vessel, four technical staffs

        were sent by a reputable shipyard in Japan

(i.e. Nakatani Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.) to this

Vietnamese shipyard, and has always

stashioned there for supervision of building the Vessel

until completion of the Vessel.

        NK surveyors also attended inspections/surveys

of the block-structure/machineries and made severe

surveys item by item from beginning to the completion

under the NK rules, together with the above-mentioned

Japanese stationed staffs.

-      This was a reason why this Vietnam yard has kept the

        contractual delivery time without any delay.

in Vietnam.

-        Therefore, it was believed that the Vessel has been

constructed in Vietnam ‘’as if she was built in Japan’’.

-      The Japanese Charterers has chartered-in

        this Vessel for abt. 8 years and has been

satisfied with the Vessel’s technical performance

for such period, because she had almosr no off-hire

until now, due to technical reasons, except

small one.