03 August, 2015

geared Mpp vessel

for sale following geared Mpp vessel.

The vessel has been laid up since last year and now easily inspectable and deliverable in Malta basis as is/where is. The vessel is berthed alongside in Valletta harbour.

m/v ANAGENISI (ex Damsterdiep)

geared MPP/flush tween
8.155 ton dwt on 7,2 m draft
11-2000 Jingjiang Shipyard, China (for NW European account)
Rina (non-operational) ex GL - Ice E3 - need to pass drydock to get into trading
7.111 / 3.482
Loa 126,4 m / Beam 19,4 m / Depth 9,5 m
Ho /Ha:
2 / 2 (plus 1 small hold)
2 - TT strength 18 t/m2
Cubic cap:
Grain 12.057 m3 (excl. tweendecks)
Cont cap:
626 teu
2 Cranes of 60 tonnes SWL (portisde mounted, combinable 120t)
MAN B&W 5L42MC - 4.975 kW
15 knots on about 21.5 mt IFO 380
400 kW

We are holding further info on the vessel here, including report made December last year etc

Background info:

The vessel has been laid up since mid last year in Italy and has recently been relocated to Malta. The vessel is not in operating condition, however initial class surveys have been performed (including underwater survey).
Please note some machinery/equipment has been checked and found operative, some still to be checked in the presence of class (main engine) in order to establish what has to be done to get her back in trading condition (which likely includes passing a special survey including overhaul of engines).

The owner (and bank) are looking to sell her basis strictly as is/where is in Malta, and inviting best outright offers on such basis.