24 September, 2015


for Straight/Demolition basis
'as is where is' sale:-

Owners are looking to sell the below on a further trading basis, they
will likely consider demo-related numbers but at present looking for
slightly excess demo basis 'as is where is' deal, DELIVERY to be
around early/mid November 2015.

ABT 8,880 DWT ON 7.621M Draft
BLT 2/1985 Kochi Jyuko
VR SS/DD due 1/2016
Loa: 115.19M / Beam: 18.61M
3 HO / 3 HA
ABT 10,914 CBM Grain / 10,494 CBM Bale
D 4x25
M/E Type: Mitsubishi 7UEC37H-II 4,551 BHP @ 210 RPM
ABT 2,444 LDT

She is awaiting berth at Manila with ETB on 24th/Sept ETCD 30th sept.
Then will ballast to Solomon Islands for loading 6,500cbm of logs
there for Manila discharge.

Pleased to hear if of interest.