19 October, 2015

Dubai Fortune

for sale the following handymax bulkcarrier - inspectable
Beihai, China now:

Owners ready to face the market.
Class extended until 20th November 2015.

"Dubai Fortune" - PAN Flag
46,638 Mtdw on 11.62M
Blt 9/1995 Mitsui Tamano (JPN)
LR No: 9109378
Loa 189.80M Beam 31.00M Depth 16.50
NK SS/DD due 20th Nov 2015
5 Ho/5 Ha HaDims: 1/ 17.6 x 17.2 2-5 / 20.8 x 17.2
HaCovers: Steel weather tight Folding
59,820 Cbm Gr. 57,237 Cbm Ba.
C 4x30.5
B+W 6S50MC 11,101 BHP 113
GRABS: 4 x 12 CBM (on hire)

Vessel currently Beihai where inspectable promptly.

Best outright offers invited basis prompt delivery China basis SS/DD
due, try SS/DD passed.

(All details given in good faith but without guarantee)

Please advise if of further interest.