20 January, 2016

MV Blue Sky 1

the container Ship for Sale as below,

The vessel is trading in Far East Area, where she's inspectable. The
seller would like to invite best offers or pre-purchase inspection.

MV Blue Sky 1
Built Hakata Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd.,Japan
Year of Built 1990
Port of Registry Panama
Classed PMDS
Length O A 114.00m
Breadth Mld 18.20m
Depth Mld at Upper Deck 11.00m
GRT 6092
NRT 3082
DWT 8527.66mt
Container Capacity in Hold 230TEU
Container Capacity in Hatches 170TEU
Total Container Capacity 400TEU
Reefer Points : 30
About 315TEUS @ 16mt Homogenous
About 250TEUS @ 22mt Homogenous
About 220TEUS @ 16mt Homogenous
In Holds 80 tonnes/stack (20' containers)
120 tonnes/stack (40' containers)
Hatch Covers 40 tonnes/stack (20' containers)
    60 tonnes/stack (40' containers)
2 X 35T Cranes Deck Cranes On Centre Line
Minimum Slewing Radius 4m
Maximum Slewing Radius 22m
Hatch Cover Pontoon Type, Compression Bar and Cleats
Holds/ Hatches 3 / 6
Main Engine: Makita Mitsui B&W 8L35MC/Japan/6080HP

Inspecdtable in Far East Area. ETA Dalian port around Jan 21st 2016