29 January, 2016

small general cargo vsls

for sale the following small general cargo vsls:

Mv Longrich 1
General cargo vsl/Single decker
Sierra Leone flag
2008/08 built by Yizheng Jinlong Shipyard, China
5094 dwt on 5.9 m draft
Class  OMCS
Grt 2,998  Nrt 1,678
Loa 98m  Lbp 91.5m Breadth 15.8m  Depth 7.4m
Cargo capacity : Hold No.1 3523.12cbm    Hold No.2 3599.6cbm
M/E  Wuxi Antai 1*G8300ZC 1765kw (2400hp) @ 500rpm
Ldt 1476 mt

Mv Longrich 2
General cargo vsl/MPP/Single decker
Togo Plag
Class  OMCS
2005/02 built by Wenzhou Zhongxing Shipping, China
5005 dwt on 5.85m draft
Loa 98m  Breadth 15.8m  Depth 7.4m
Grt 2963  Nrt 1659
Hold size: No.1 L34* B13*H 6.4m
                  No.2 L31*B13*6.4m
Hatch size No.1 34*12.8m    No.2  31*12.8m
M/E Diesel engine G8300ZC18B  1765kw  550rpm
Daily consumption  IFO 80cst 6mt per day    MGO 0.6 mt

Mv Longrich 5
General cargo vsl/Single decker
Togo Flag
Class OMCS
5297 mt on 5.9 m draft
2009/04 built in China
Grt 2,980  Nrt 1,668
Loa 97m  Lbp 92.4m Breadth 15.8m  Depth 7.4m
Grain 6375cbm  Bale 6000cbm
M/E: Wuxi Antai 1*G8300ZC 1765kw @ 525rpm

All details given in good faith but wog.

All of the three vsls trading in Far East , where inspectable.