12 May, 2016

well-geared general cargo unit

 well-geared general cargo unit, inspectable
Turkey while discharging

Mv  Sanmari  (built 2007 )
- Built Turkey (Arkadas Denizcilik)
- Flag : Maltese
- Type : General Cargo Ship - removable Tweendecker
  box - equipped with removable bulkheads
- Bureau Veritas (highest class)
- Equipped for Project cargo /  Equipped for dangerous goods of all
IMO Classes
- Deadweight : 3906 - GT: 3040  NT: 1397
- Loa : 80.10m - Beam : 15.00m
- Draft fully laden :5.85m - Depth moulded : 7,20m
- Cubic Capacity : 160000 cbft
- Cranes:  2 x 60 ts cranes (portside)
- Vessels pontoon deck and tweendeck hatch covers
  operated by so called 'Dutch Gantry'
- vsl can trade as sid with twd pontoons stowed in laydown position on
  tanktop and having consequently a clear height in hold of 7,90 mtrs
  eventually with twd pontoons staked one each other at aft part of
  with consequent lenght of box hold section of 43 mtrs.
- Main Engine 6M25 1980Kw
- AuxEng GenSet 2 x Man - 400kw
- Mv Fria is fully equipped lashing material to trade as feeder vessel
  (able to load upto 165 TEU) including n. 38 reefer plugs.
- Speed and consumption abt 10 knots on abt 7 mt ifo 380 (average)
  basis beaufort 3 scale 3
  in port idle abt 0.9 mt mgo/working abt 1.9 mt mgo (average)
  During river navigation and/or manoeuvres in restricted areas and/or
in case
  of adverse weather conditions, for safety reason vessel keeps main
  running with a consumption of 0.05 Mtns of MGO per hour.
  Quality of bunker supplied to be always in accordance with main
  international ISO standards
All details about given in good faith but without guarantee

Inspectable Derince on abt 22nd/May, Bar 26th May

Ownrs can consider to sell either singular or en bloc also her

Mv Serser (built 2008) - inspectable Yokohama on abt 12/13 May,
thereafter likely Singapore for bunkering
Mv Fria  (built 2009) -  Trading West Africa
Agw wp uce

All Vessels are on short TC period.