13 September, 2016

Federal Saguenay

 for sale one or (possibly) more of their older, but very
well maintained Lakers

Federal Saguenay (Barbados Flag) built 09/1996. SS+IS due 12/2016
Abt 34,167mtdw on 10.73m
Blt Jiangnan Shipyard PRC
DNV Class - Ice 1C
LOA 199.99m x Beam 23.50m
6 ho/ha  1,478,356 cuft gr
Mitsui B&W 6S50MC 11,669bhp
3 Daihatsu gens
3 x 30 tn Suji cranes

Blt for Owners a/c
All major equipment Japan built
LDT abt 8,965.90mtns
Ice Class 1C
Dispensation from USCG on BWTS  same not required till 2018
(transferable to new owners)

ETA Sherbro Island 15/09 - ETD 22/09
ETA Ashtabula (Ohio, USA) 08/10 - ETD 10/10 (loads for Med)

May also consider following exact sisters:

Federal Schelde built 08/1997. SS+IS due 08/2017
ETA Baltimore 29/09 to load for Med

Federal Maas built 03/1997. SS due 03/2020+IS due 12/2017
Prompt Casablanca with ETD 24/09

Federal Rhine built 01/1997. SS due 03/2020+IS due 03/2018
ETA Callao 13/09 - ETD 18/09
ETA Matarani 20/09