06 December, 2016


 for sale the below Japanese supramax:

ABT 52,500 DWT ON 12.163M Draft
BLT: October 2003 Oshima Japan
NK Class SS 10/2018 DD now due
Loa: 188.5M / Beam: 32.26M
5 Holds/Hatches abt 66,416 CBM Grain / 65,295 CBM Bale
Gear: Cranes 4x30 ts
Mitsubishi 6UEC50LSII 10,939 BHP @ 127 RPM

===dets wog====

remind inspections in Drydock in CIC LIXIN where eta 9/10th dec

owners will invite the inspections towards the end of the DD works, vessel expected to stay abt 8-10days in DD