20 December, 2012



can now officially develop for sale the captioned lady.

She is presently in Haldia, India for discharge and further schedule
hasn't been fixed yet.

Sellers wish to deliver her in the period between 25th January and
25th February.

In view of the fact that there is not much time with this Sellers'
preferred delivery timing, They are looking for buyers who can waive
physical inspection and work promptly.

Price-wise, Sellers are looking at excess USD 3 mil but as broker try
USD 3 mil.

=ASPHODEL= BULK / Ex Yamaska - LIB Flag,
Abt 28,303 Mtdw on 10.54M Draft, GRT 16623/NRT 10711
Blt 1/1985 Mitsubishi HI Kobe, (JAP),
Loa 176.99m Lbp 168.00m x Beam 23.14m x 14.51m Depth,
Class LR +100A1, SS due 2/2015 DD due 3/2013,
5 Ho, natural vent 5 Ha,
35,013 m3 Grain 33,375 m3 Bale
432 TEU,
CR 4 x 30.00t
Sulzer, 4RTA58, 8,647 BHP 127 Rpm,
13.00K/21.00T Ldn, 12.00K/19.00T Ldn,
Ldt 6,350 MT