06 March, 2014


for sale the following 1998
built tween/roro vessel with ramp way & exceptional deadweight/cubic

SUNRISE EXPRESS - Singapore flag
Built October 1998
Builder Kwang Yang Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd., KOREA
Class Nippon Kaiji Kyokai / NS* (RoRo Eq CV) MNS*
SS due 7/2018 DD due 8/2016
International Gross Tonnage 8,649 tons
Net Tonnage 3,394 tons
Dead Weight 9,575.19 tons
Loa 118.87 m
Lbp 108.00 m
B (md) 19.60 m
D (md) 14.30 m
Summer Draft 7.90 m
Keel to Mast top 41.0 m
Bow to Bridge 97.4 m
Main engine Ssangyong B&W 6L35MC Mark 6
- Maximum continuous output (MCO) 3,883kw (5,280 ps) x 210 rpm
- Continous service output (CSO) 3,495kw (4,752 ps) x 203 rpm
- Fuel / Consumption (tons/day) 180cSt / about 12.5tons at CSO
(+180cSt about 1.2tons for G/E)
Ship's speed about 13.0 knots at CSO with full loaded condition
Cargo capacity (Grain / Bale) abt. 19,036 m3 / 17,036 m3
Fuel oil tank capacity 644.91m3 (100% full)
Diesel oil tank capacity 115.29m3 (100% full)
Thruster Nil
Derrick Guyless type derrick boom SWL 25 tons x 2
Deck crane Electro-hydraulic twin type SWL 30 tons x 2 (dual 60 tons)
Ramp way SWL 50 tons x 1 (starboard aft)
- Width / Shell opening 5.00m in clear width / 4.60m(H) x 5.00m(W)
- Keel to main hinge 10.3 m
- Max allowable quay height fm water level about 4 m
Hatch cover (Upper deck) Single pull No.1 hold 28.0 x 13.0m No.2 hold
28.7 x 13.0m
Hatch cover (2nd deck) Steel pontoon No.1 hold 28.0 x 13.0m No.2 hold
28.7 x 13.0m
Deck strength (on Tank top) 10.0 tons/m2
Deck strength (on 2nd deck) 3.3 tons/m2
Deck strength (on Upper deck) 2.5 tons/m2
Deck strength (on Hatch cover) 1.8 tons/m2

(all details given in good faith without guarantee)

Vsl ETA 6 Mar Mizushima, Japan for loading.