23 July, 2014


STADT HANNOVER - 5,200 tdw - 94 blt - boxed sid for sale

realistic Sellers, quick deal targeted

Vsl has just been commited but she is free again.

5,250 tdw on 6.55m
blt 07/1994 Mtzelfeld Werft / GER
GL SS/DD due 8/2014
3/3 ho/ha 6744/6744 cbm gr/bl
373 TEU (222 TEU/14ts) 40 reefer
dims: 104.75/96.7 x 16.57 x 8.3m
CR 2x36ts
MAN 4786 hp
- boxhold -removable cell-system ho 2 + 3

The vessel is presently en route to south France where she will arrive
to discharge 29th July.

Owners intention is to make a quick deal delivery as is with her class

However they spent already a lot of money recently and as broker
we are sure that the vessel will be found in excellent condition
considering her age.

We have several pictures and reports available here underliyng this.

Realistic Sellers but quick action necessary.