03 August, 2015

iceclassed container vessel / MPP

iceclassed container vessel
/ MPP:

Mpp, singledecker, containerfitted, bulkfitted
Built 1996, Krger Werft, Germany
Dwat 4832mts on 5.92m ssw,
Class: GL *100A5 M E3
Ice class - E3 (1A)
next DD/SS 05/2016
366 TEU / 220 TEU at 14 ts homog
Grt/Nrt 2984/1316
Grain/Bale capa 4456/4166 cubm
Loa/lbp/beam/dm : 99.68/91.45/16.90/7.55m
1 hold boxshaped - 3 hatches
M/E: MAN B&W 12 V 28/32A - 2.940 kW at 775 rpm
abt 11 knots on abt 9,5 tons IFO-180

all abt and wog

Vessel is trading between SpanMed and Adriatic Owners' own liner
service and
can give tc free delivery with short notice. Current itin as follows:

ETA/ETS Barcelona 28/07/15
ETA/ETS Castellon 29/07/15
ETA/ETS Durres 03-04/07/15
ETA/ETS Castellon 10/07/15
-all abt wog wp uce-

Owners can consider worldwide delivery against positioning bonus