07 January, 2016

German a/c heavy lift, box MPP / Gen cargo sisters

for sale the below quality built for German a/c heavy
lift, box MPP / Gen cargo sisters:

mv 'ESI Arctic' / mv 'ESI Anax' (ex ex 'Beluga Independence'/'Beluga
Inspiration') - Belize Flag
Built Jan / Sept 2001 by Dalian Shipyard, China
Class GL 100 A5 E1, Multi-Purpose 4
Dry Cargo Ship NAV-O DBC DG,
Equipped for Carriage of Containers
abt 12,007 / 11,957 DWT on 8.38 m draft
LOA 134.15 m x Beam 20.40 m Depth 11.10 m
3/3 HO/HA abt 14,909/14,701 cbm gr/bl
Teu intake 903/536 @ 14 tns
2 Cranes x 150 tns (comb 300 tns)
1 x WARTSILA 8L46B of 7,800 kw @ 500 rpm
Lightweight 4,473 ts (for calculation only) CPP,
Shaft gen, Bowthruster fitted

all dets wog

Both trading spot

ESI Arctic was due to disch Antalia early this week

ESI Anax ets Poti today for disch

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