07 January, 2016

MV Qing He, GC

MV Qing He, ETA Guangzhou 10th.Jan.2016 and will carry out SS in Guangzhou for 10 days. Inspection can be arranged.

                   MV Dong Sung, now anchorage in Zhoushan, where inspection can be arranged.

Owrs are keen to sell with reduced price. We can guide price precisely against firm interests.

MV Qing He, GC
6760 dwt
Built Oct. 2006, He Shun Shipyard, Qingdao, China
Class CCS  Ice Class B
Flag HK
SS: 10/2016; DD: 9/2016
Loa/Lbp/Beam/Depth 103.7/97.5/17.2/8.5m
GRT/NRT   4422/2600t            
2H/2H Capacity  9,164.64 cbm
Hatch size No.1  30.80x13.00m, No.2  30.80x13.00m          
Main Engine: : G8300ZC18BH by Wuxi Antai Power Machinery Co..
4-stroke,single-action,2000kw at 550r/min
Aux: 3 Diesel generators type WD618.42CD with generator MP-H-200-4 200KW 400V 60HZ
M/E fuel consumption:    7.52t/d
Aux. consumption:     0.79t/d
Crane 15Tx2, 25Tx1
CO2 fitted