03 April, 2017

Rich Better

for sale the following tween decker:

Mv Rich Better
General caro ship/tween decker
HongKong flag
1991/03 built in Honda Ship Building Co.,Ltd Japan
9897dwt on 7.87m draft
NK Class
Next SS  2020/09    Next DD 2018/08
Loa 117.96m  Breadth 19.60m Depth 13.50m
Grain 19435.45cbm/  Bale 18207.93cbm
Deck strength 2.2mt/sqm
Hatch cover strength 1.8mt/sqm
Tweendeck strength 3.5mt/sqm
Tank top strength 10.0mt/sqm
Crane 2*25tons (combinable to 40 tons)   + Derrick 2* 25tons
Grt 7989  Nrt 3043
M/E Akasaka Diesel 7UEC37LA 3603kw 210rpm
Speed/consumption: 10.5knots /FO180cst 8.5 tons+1.0 ton MGO
At port Idle 0.8 tons MGO
            Working 1.5 tons MGO
LDT 3407 tons

All details given in good faith but wog.

The vsl is heading to Jingjiang port, China for discharge now.