20 July, 2014

M/V Tanais Leader

handy for ppt delivery:

M/V Tanais Leader - BZE Flag - Ex Adventurer
27.622 Mtdw on 9,77M
Blt 11/1984 By Mitsui Tamano(JPN)
RS GL SS due 09/2014
Loa 168,15 Lbp 160,00 Beam 26,00 Depth 13,63 M
5/5 Ho/Ha 34.665/33.417 Cbm Gr/Bl
C 4x25
1 B+W 6L50Mce 7.500 BHP 133
12.5K/20.5T Ldn 13K/19.5T Blst
5.651 Ldt


ETA Selaata, Lebanon on 22nd July to disch , ETCD 30th July

Vsl has SS/DD due in September this year and to be sold on as is bss
and can be delivered upon completion of present voyage

we can guide on fixing levels