30 May, 2016

boxshaped gearless singledeckers

for sale:

boxshaped gearless singledeckers

'Anna' and/or sister 'Celia'
4,800 dwat on 5.63m
built Rousse Shipyard, Bulgaria 07/2005 resp. 12/2007
dims: 100.71/95.2 x 15.2 m
class GL
flag Antigua
1,783 nt 3,610 gt
1 deck
6,457cbm gr
2 holds 2 hatches
bulkheads can be used as part tweendeck
cement holes
tt strength 15 ts/sqm
267 TEU max
m/e MAK 8M25 - 2,400kw 750rpm
abt. 12 kn

(all dets abt. n wog)

Both vessels trading mostly North Sea/Continent/Med
Charterfree delivery upon arrangement

'Anna' is presently Senegal and is scheduled to go to Netherlands
thereafter, eta abt. 10th June wp agw.

'Celia' is on her way to Napoli for discharge eta 3rd June.