10 May, 2016

WILSON RIGA & a similar size / age sister

for sale foll vsls :

More keen Sellers β  Asking best offers

Can be delivered e-med port (Turkey/Greece) end of May/beg of June.


6.085 tons dw on 6,91 mtr draft β GL-DnV β 2HH  β Gless β M/e:
2 x 1900 bhp Normo KVM-12,


12 knots on 11,8 tons β IFO 80
11 knots on 10,8 tons
10 knots on  8,6 tons
9  knots on  7,5 tons

2030 LDT (only for calculation purpose)

Try dely e-med. β Ppt insp can be arranged.


We might also to develop a similar size / age sister Mv **Wilson